Another “As Seen on TV” success story?

I always wonder about those products that are sold on infomercials in the wee hours of the morning.  One that recently caught my eye is the Shake WeightActually, I was intrigued after SNL spoofed the infomercial (google that one, it is funny).  It looks like a normal hand weight…but when shake it it does much more.  The shaking is supposed to use dynamic inertia (whatever that is) to tone and sculpt your arms.  I have read many reviews on this product and they are mostly positive.  Self Magazine claimed that it would firm up your arms by only using it 6 minutes a day!  It does look fun to use…but I have not tried it myself.  Has anyone tried the Shake Weight?  You can purchase it from the infomercial site or go to Dicks Sporting Goods to pick one up.  I would recommend Dick’s…because you can return it if you don’t like it – plus, no shipping charges.

June 21, 2010. health, Review, shopping.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Ellen has a blast with that thing. I’ve always wondered as well. . . but, “Does it work?” 🙂

  2. Kathryn replied:

    I have one but haven’t used it yet. It doesn’t have an on/off switch; you shake it yourself.

  3. Sasha replied:

    I have one, and first of all- I shake my head every time I read their 6 minute claim.. the workout is actually 10 minutes! too funny

    But yes, I do feel it and if I could get my act together and do it more than once a week I do think I would see a difference. Now, I don’t think this would work for someone who is already toned, but if someone was looking to get started with weights, I think they would like it.

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