Gear Up For The Summer!

Have you heard of Backyard Safari Outfitters?  They make these really fun toys that will equip your young explorer with all the essential gear they could possibly need to scope out the local wildlife…insects, birds, frogs, and even your neighbors (lol).  Not only are these great toys for kids to play with, they would make a great Safari themed Birthday party.  I could just see the Birthday boy or girl wearing the Cargo Vest as they great their guests.

My favorite toy in the line is the Mega View Periscope.  Sometimes you just want to take a peek over your fence…and this little guy does the job!  You can even stick it in the pool to see what is going on down there! It extends up to 4 feet – perfect for someone short like me!   So much fun..

Okay… I guess they are actually for kids to use.  My 7 year old  neighbor loves the Bug Vacuum (so does his Mom).  You can actually catch the bugs and then examine them through a built in magnifying glass…and then promptly take them outside where they belong.

Each Backyard Safari Outfitters kit includes a detailed Pop-Up Field Guide that fits in their pocket.  This is where you get sneaky…the toys actually teach them something.  They are filled with information on every subject related to outdoor and nature exploration from Field Communication & Butterflies to Fossils & Beetles.

You can find Backyard Safari Outfitters at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Target and Amazon.  Your kids will LOVE them!

Team Mom sent me the products to facilitate my review.  It didn’t sway my opinion…I think they are really cool!


June 18, 2010. Review, shopping.

One Comment

  1. amy replied:

    Oh, I could really use that bug vacuum – does it work for big ugly spiders, too??

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