I got totally bit up by mosquitoes this weekend!  They always seem to go after me.  Sometimes I hate putting on bug spray that smells all chemically.  I just can’t see spraying DEET all over my body several times a day.  My friend Serena has been looking into the same issue.  She consulted Consumer Reports to see what they had to say.  They recommended Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent as their best scoring DEET free bug spray.  It seems as though it works as well as the products that contain 25% DEET.  It lasts for over 4 hours, but can only be applied twice a day (I wonder why?).  Also, it can not be used on children under 3 years old (again, why?).  You can purchase it at REI.

Another all-natural choice is Bite Blocker.  This one is safe for children and pregnant women.  It is supposed to be the safest all natural repellent for children and can be used on babies 2 months old.  It is made mostly from Soybean Oil and Geranium Oil.  It only lasts for 2 hours though.  But get this…it also works on those pesky black flies!  Some people report that they can’t stand the smell of it…others say it doesn’t bother them.  You can find it at Amazon.com.

Have you tried any of these?  Or have you found something that works better?


June 14, 2010. Review.


  1. KARI replied:

    Avon skin so soft, of course!

  2. Anna replied:

    put a dryer sheet in your pocket

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