Boating & Burning…

We went boating over the weekend on our local lake.  It was so much fun!  Unfortunately, my youngest (Riley) always gets sunburn.  My Mom steered me to the newest Land’s End catalog that has swim shirts that actually come in adult sizes!  They are UPF 50 and are made out of fabric that is very quick drying.  I remember when I was little, I would wear one of my Dad’s cotton t-shirts in the pool when I was sunburned…they stayed wet forever!  Not to mention the fact that they grew two sizes when wet 🙂  The Land’s End shirts are super cute and Riley okayed the purchase (ie actually agreed that she would wear it).  For only $28.50 on sale for only $17.10! I will have the assurance that her back will not get sunburned…plus, I don’t have to constantly be putting sunscreen on her.  They also have cute ones in children’s sizes and are currently having a HUGE swim sale!   I have a Land’s End promo code for you:  Free shipping Code – ISLAND/PIN 9172.  Don’t forget to go through Ebates to get cashback on your purchase.  BTW…sorry about the typos…still no mouse for me ;(


June 2, 2010. coupon, shopping.

One Comment

  1. Angela replied:

    We all have some and LOVE the shirts…..we also like the Old Navy ones that match the swimsuits!!

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