I passed!

I went to the dermatologist yesterday…and was pleasantly surprised- only one spot to remove!!  Yay!  This is quite a feat for a fair skinned/blue eyed girl.  I owe some of the credit to Become Beauty…here is a past review of some of my favorite Become products.

I was introduced to Become Beauty a few months ago. I am hooked! Not only are the products amazing, the company is too. You can purchase Become Beauty online or from one of the many consultants across the world. You can even host a Become Beauty party and try out their wonderful product line while earning free product for yourself. Become is from Australia …with all of that sunshine they know how to fight aging. Their products really do what they say! This is a professional grade skincare line for a very “everyday” price. My ultimate favorite Become Beauty product is the Lip Treatment. This little bottle of treatment packs a lot of punch! Simply apply a tiny bit on your lips and immediately you will start to feel a tingly sensation. What you are feeling is the treatment starting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on and around your lips. It is not harsh at all, you can use it morning & night if you want. I love Become Beauty Lip Treatment!


I want to share a few more of my Become Beauty favorites…

The Hand Smoothing Complex is a one-step hand exfoliator and moisturizer. Rub this amazing smelling scrub on your hands and they will feel like silk immediately. Made from peppermint, orange oil and sea salt – it feels great while you are scrubbing, smells wonderful, and feels like heaven when you are finished. You won’t believe how soft your hands are! Want a real treat? Use it on your feet….ahhhh….pure bliss!


The Hydration Serum has saved my face this winter. With all of my training I often take multiple showers each day. That can leave my face really dry. I use the Hydration Serum to improve moisture retention in my skin. The perfect savior to dry winter weather!



May 28, 2010. Review.


  1. stacey replied:

    I’m right up there with you and the freckles. and when we were kids we never had sunscreen besides zinc for our nose and a t-shirt!

  2. Morgan replied:

    I love reading your blog and I don’t comment that much but when I saw you posted about Become Beauty I just had to. My mom is a Become Beauty consultant and I absolutely love the products, ever since I started using them my face has never been clearer and has never looked so radiant and this good. I just wanted to say thank you for getting the name out there so more people can know about the amazing products.

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