Chill Out!

No, I’m not yelling at you…I’m talking about the Chill Out & About Stay-cool serving system that I found at the expo last week.  It is a super great way to provide serving or storage for your favorite events.  You fill the base with water…chill or freeze it….and then fill it with your favorite dish that you are sharing.  It stays amazingly cold!  It comes in a few different sizes/bowl combinations to meet all of your entertaining needs.  Think about it…how many times will you be bringing your famous {insert your signature recipe} to someones potluck?  How many times will your {now getting really yucky} dish sit on someones patio table all afternoon?  This will keep your {gonna make everyone love you} food cold and fresh all afternoon.  Fresher.  Safer.  Easier.


May 10, 2010. cooking, entertainment, food.

One Comment

  1. "Chris" replied:

    Katy thanks so much for this great product. I bought 2, one for me and one for my very best friend who always brings the best salads and dips. I know it will be a hit. Love your post!

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