Life Saver

Yesterday my Volvo died at Church.  Yes, a great place to quit on me…but still not good.  Luckily, my husband grabbed our CarMD and solved the problem!  The CarMD has been such a valuable tool for us…saved our butts.  What is a CarMD?  It is awesome!  And the whole car deciding to quit on me at Church…maybe it just needed to spend a little more time at Church.  I’m glad it’s ‘home again.

  • Car MD – Checks the health of your car! Hear a strange noise? Did one of the “lights” come on? Want to make sure your mechanic is being honest? Plug up the CarMD…let it do its thing. After CarMD diagnoses your problem you can log on to their site to lookup repairs needed and cost estimates. For only $90 this could save you hundreds at the shop!

April 22, 2010. shopping, technical.


  1. "Chris" replied:

    WOW!! Has anyone else used this? It sounds WAY TOO EASY! Not that I’m questioning you Katy. I might have to go out today and get one of those. I love all the fun stuff you find for us busy people. You’re Awesome!

    • katyshops replied:

      It really is that easy! This has to be one of my husband’s favorite gadgets….

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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