Hungry Girl

Have you heard of Hungry Girl?  She believes that food is delicious, and you should be able to satisfy all of your cravings – in a Hungry Girl sort of way.  She provides substitute recipes for all of your favorite foods.  From French Toast to fast food cheeseburgers…Hungry Girl has you covered.  She has a new book out called Hungry Girl 1-2-3.  I don’t actually have the book (so I can’t really give you a full review)…but I put it on my Amazon wish list.

Do you love peanut butter?  Hungry Girl recommends PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.  You put a few scoops of the powder in a bowl, add water, and stir until it becomes peanut butter!   This amazing stuff has 85% less fat calories than your regular jar of peanut butter.

That is a pretty smart Hungry Girl tip!  I wonder what else she shares in her new book?

April 8, 2010. cooking, shopping.


  1. Cindy replied:

    Just saw the book at Costco today. One of the girls in boot camp has it and seems to like it.

  2. KK replied:

    Have you tried the pb powder? I’m so curious to know if it actually tastes good enough to be a substitute. Might have to look in to this one further…

  3. christine replied:

    I have tried the PB2 and I dont really care for it but I remember all the people in my WW meeting talking about it and they LOVED it…I didnt like the texture…I think you can only order it online and in a 2 pk…that might have changed though.

  4. katyshops replied:

    I have not tried it…it did look like real peanut butter when I saw it on TV.

    Thanks Christine for your take on it…texture matters when it comes to peanut butter!

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