Facebook Friends.

I have a few friends that are super talented.  One of my friends is the most amazing seamstress.  She must dream about new things that she could sew in her sleep.  I ran into her yesterday and immediately  fell in love with the bag that she was carrying.  It is made out of quilted damask fabric..in a really great green color.  What I love most about it is the size…it is big enough to throw a magazine or book in your bag, but not at all bulky. The handles are really cute wooden ones, that kinda remind me of those preppy purses that I used to be able to change out the bag on.  Oh, and of course…it is monogrammed!   Later when I got home, I saw that she had posted on Facebook that she is selling the cutie pie bags on her etsy site.  I hit the ‘like’ button right away!

You can order a large ($25), small ($15) or laptop bag ($35).  Her etsy site is taking a little Easter Break right now, but if you are on Facebook you can become a fan!  You can see lots of pictures of her super cute creations!

Also on my Facebook ‘wall’ was a post from Jenny (the Associate Pastor at my church).  Her parents neighbor is a painter and started a blog called The Daily Cupcake.  He paints cupcakes!!  How cute is that?  My daughter Maddie would love to have this one for her bedroom (she happens to be obsessed with cupcakes).  They literally post a new cupcake painting each day on their blog.  It is so cute!

One of my readers husband has started selling his chocolates via Facebook.  They look super yummy!  You can get them custom colored and made for any occasion.  I wish I had a few of these to stick on my Easter baskets 🙂

Isn’t Facebook awesome?

Have a wonderful Easter!  I will be back next week (maybe not Monday….but I will try)  Oh, and happy April Fools Day….be on the lookout for those people trying to “fool” you!


April 1, 2010. shopping.


  1. Laura replied:

    I love Chrissy!! She has the cutest stuff!

  2. mommiesstuff replied:

    The Facebook page for the chocolate lollipops is called ChocoGoods. Thank you Katy!!!

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