Give Away! Fiber One Gift Package!!

Have you tried the new Fiber One 90 calorie chewy bars yet?  I can sum them up in one word…YUM!  I love when things that are good for you also taste good.  Win-win.  With flavors like chocolate peanut butter & chocolate, you forget that you are eating healthy.  But you are…with only 90 calories per bar you get a full 5 grams of fiber.  We all know how important fiber is.  MyBlogSpark & Fiber One sent me some to try out and some to give out.  Yay!

What:  Fiber One gift pack with a box of bars, pedometer, water bottle, reflective wrist band, and a food & exercise journal.

How:  Comment on this post (please do not email me).  Let me know if you have made any changes to your eating/working out this year.  If not, what would you like to change?

When:  Now.  Or at least until Sunday.  I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday evening (I use

The winner of last weeks Yoplait gift pack was Angela Nelson.  Angela, please reply to my email so that I can send the pack out to you.  If I don’t hear from you by Sunday, I will redraw a Yoplait winner.

Disclaimer:  No payment was received for this post.  Opinions are solely my own. Fiber One and MyBlogSpark game me free product to try.


February 11, 2010. food, give away.


  1. Heather Willis replied:

    I love everything Fiber one! I have been doing Weight Watchers for a while and have lost 40 lbs and am ALWAYS on the hunt for yummy low point stuff!! I HOPE I WIN! 🙂

    • Yolanda replied:

      yes I am trying to cute out sugar and wroking out every morning @ 5 am I leave for school at 7:00

  2. Cindy replied:

    These bars are really good! My favorite is the peanut butter chocolate.

  3. Chell replied:

    I love Fiber One bars, and haven’t tried these new ones yet. They are great for me especially following the WW plan! 🙂

  4. matt g replied:

    recently at work we started a “biggest loser” competition. so far ive only lost a couple of pounds but have started eating healthier. such as low fat foods. one of my favorite things i recently discovered are the morning star vegetarian burgers. they are great. im not a vegetarian but they are good for you and are actually really good.


  5. Colleen replied:

    I keep them in my desk at for my stress eating. I don’t feel so guilty when I eat something good for me.

  6. Pam replied:

    LOVE Fiber One products. I have a fiber bar every day for breakfast its a great 2 point way to start the day. The muffins are awesome too!

  7. Priscilla replied:

    I haven’t tried Fiber One bars yet, but would will be trying them soon. I started in January eating healthier and exercising times a week, about an hour each day. At this point, taking small steps to lead to life time changes. So far I’ve lost 3 pounds. I am happy with this as the changes I am making are lifestyle changes that I can live with.

  8. Kimberly replied:

    My daughter and I are going to the gym 4 days/week and reading labels! She has lost over 20 pounds and I have lost 5. I really enjoy our time together, we laugh and sweat at the same time! We both love Fiber One bars.

  9. Angela replied:

    I love Fiber One products. I was thrilled to see the 90 calories bars. Would love to win the gift pack.

  10. Debbie Ringer replied:

    Love the Fiber One bars and I keep the in the car with me all the time so if I am out running around and get the munches I can grab on instead to going through a drive thru.

  11. Kim Johnson replied:

    I have joined Curves and I am loving it. I am also more aware of what I am eating. I have not tried the Fiber One bars yet.

  12. sheryl replied:

    Eating healthy is very important to me and my family, especially when you are “eating for two”. Due date, June 19, 2010!!

  13. Lynda @ SportsMadGirl replied:

    I recently started going back to the gym on a regular basis and have stopped drinking soda (except on Tuesday when we do our Girls Night Out). I drink mainly water and have started reading labels. I’m much lower fat and fewer calories.

  14. kari replied:

    I had a baby 2 months ago today. So, I have been eating more fiber and trying to eat healthier. Yesterday, i started working out(very sore today). It seems so much harder this time around to shed the pounds. I guess I am being impatient!

  15. Ang replied:

    I love fiber one! I joined weight watchers this year with 100+ pounds to lose, so far this year 17! I signed up for the marathon in May, just planning on walking the half but its going to be a huge step for me! I have been doing my own cooking and eating out less. I have so many goals for 2010 and I am going to get there!

  16. mommiesstuff replied:

    I changed my eating habits to eat healthier foods. I even started eating chicken and a lot less red meat. Not to lose weight, just to stay healthy. I posted a link to your contest on my blog

    • katyshops replied:

      Thanks Mommiestuff! That is an extra entry for you!

  17. Dawn replied:

    I have read “The Spark” and have started a 28 day plan. It is basically making it a lifestyle change and not a diet. I excercise and have added steps to my day. Dropping inches like crazy!


  18. Michelle replied:

    Recently I found out I’m type 2 diabetic so needless to say I have made big changes this year. One of the biggest changes is the plate method of eating. Divide your plate in half. One half should be non starchy vegs. the other half divide again. Half of that can be a meat (fish, chicken, meat, etc. up to 3 oz.)the other half is 1/2 – 1 cup of starchy food. Noodles, pasta, potatoes, beans and rice along with peas, corn are all starchy. I also do the wii fit (not as regularly as I should but close). I’ve lost 7 lbs since Jan. 2.

  19. Kelly replied:

    I love Fiber One! Been eating the basic cereal for years. Love all the new products they have come out with. “Fiber is our friend”!

  20. Sharman replied:

    I have lost 23 pounds since November and I am now on my 3rd week of a 12 week “biggest loser” competition at our local gym.I haven’t tried fiber one yet, but I definitely will now.

  21. Laura Bergquist replied:

    I wanna win!!! I buy the choc/oat bars all the time ~~ as my kids call them, “fart bars” = ) but when you get old, ou need all the help you can get–lol!

  22. Nikki replied:

    Love Fiber One!! Less calories is even better!

  23. jenny replied:

    i hope i win!

  24. Shawna replied:

    I am eating more fruits in place of my sweet cravings. Also I am eating more smaller meals throughout the day – I can see a difference already! I love fiber one bars too that serves as my breakfast most morning on the way to school.

  25. Elaine replied:

    I love FiberOne! I’ve been starting the P90X regimen in an effort to tone muscle mass. Also I’m making an extra effort to drink more water and less caffeine!

  26. Johannah B replied:

    I have seriously changed the way I eat in recent years due to my allergies… and need to change again to try and cut triglicerides — more fiber would help that.

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