Do you coupon?

I do.  I often save more on each grocery bill than I spend.  I really only have 2 sources that I get my coupons from.  The newspaper…I buy the double issue and online.  I try to wait to use a coupon until an item is on sale.  That way, I can be certain that I am getting the lowest price possible.  Sometimes you can even get items for free.

A great deal that I found this week is very low priced card games at Target or Walmart.  Click on the blue coupon box below and print out the coupons for the Pictionary, monopoly and Scrabble games.  Then go to the store and look for the travel or card games.  They are $5.24 each…after the coupon you will only pay $1.24 for each game.  What a great deal!

Coupons Inc.

I don’t cut my coupons out, I wait until I see what my grocery store has on sale…then I cut out what I need.  I keep them in folders and pull them out as needed.  I have used the Couponizer before…and it worked really well….until I found that I had  to many coupons to fit in it. It is great for a beginner or someone who coupons lightly.



February 8, 2010. coupon, shopping.

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