Not exactly a freebie but a few weeks ago I introduced you to Groupon.  You receive one deal per day based on where you live.  The deals have been AWESOME!  There is no sign up fee, you only take advantage of the deal that you want.  They will send you an email each morning with the deal.  Last Friday, the deal was a beer tour & tasting, plus a meal for only $15.  This was originally a $35 value.  I highly encourage you to sign up and see what comes your way.

Do you use Swagbucks to search online?  I recently signed up with them.  You simply use them to search instead of Google and you earn Swagbucks that you can cash in on gift cards.  It is sorta like MyPoints without all of the email offers.  I have researched Swagbucks and it looks like it is going to be a great way to earn gift cards.  Some people earn them up all year and cash them in at Christmas time for Amazon gift cards….their whole Christmas list is covered by using the Swagbucks that they earned.  You don’t earn bucks for every search…they just randomly pop up.  A Swagcode is released everyday…this is another way to earn more bucks.  You can even get bucks for printing out grocery coupons.  I’m going to give it a try…lets see what happens.

Free wristband from 3M, print out this coupon for a free bagel & smear from Einstein Bagels, free Bare Minerals 10 day sample in store at Sephora (it says in store at the very bottom of the page), free sample of your choice from Kashi, free dried plums sample – use promo code ADSUPER, print out this coupon for a free Love Rocks scented tattoo from Victoria’s Secret, free Cream of Wheat sample, Join the Blizzard Fan Club and get 6 BOGO coupons for blizzards!!  Just go on over here and sign up, create a virtual sandwich at Subway and receive a BOGO coupon for a 6 inch sub!

Have a great day!


January 27, 2010. Free.

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