As seen on TV

I recently read an article that analyzed some of the products that are sold on TV.  They went through a rating of some of the items.  Here is my little book report on what I read…

Pedipaws.  They gave it 2 (out of 4) stars.  I have this product and use it on my miniature Dachshund.  I wouldn’t even attempt to use it on my Lab.  Great for little dogs, worthless for big dogs.  They claim that in was noisy and scared their dog.  Winnie is scared of her own shadow…and had no problem with the noise.

BumpitsThey gave it one star.  I have never tried this product…but have been tempted to get it for my teenage daughter.  After reading this article I decided that her hair is to thin to cover up the Bumpit…that seemed to be the problem with most of the testers.  You can watch Ellen try one out on The Office star Jenna Fischer here.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags4whole stars!  These bags actually keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer.  I could really use these…I often throw out lots of produce that is past its prime.

Lookout Snuggie…there is a new towel with arms in town!  The Wearable towel (a towel with arm openings) received…oh, only 1 star.  Yeah, you will look like a doofus wearing this.


January 25, 2010. shopping.


  1. Chell replied:

    I agree with the PediPaws. My Basset and German Shepherd will have NONE of it!

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