Bigger than the Super Bowl.

Have you chosen a side yet? Conan or Leno.   Do you have a favorite?  I like them both…but feel like Conan really got the raw end of the stick.  Will I still watch NBC?  Yes.  I don’t have the willpower to stop watching…but I do know people that are boycotting NBC . Personally, my family can’t function without The Weather Channel- which is owned by NBC.   If you do have a side, maybe you should show your support. If you are on Team Leno..good luck with that.  I can find very few (a couple of mediocre) Leno shirts, and a bunch of awesome Conan shirts.  Even Leno’s team website greets you with this message “Seriously, your on Team Leno?  Don’t you understand comedy?”   As for Conan?  I think he will walk away a very rich man…and lots of people in his corner.  I actually feel sorry for Fallon.

I love the graphic on this shirt…


January 21, 2010. shopping.

One Comment

  1. Chell replied:

    I don’t watch either. . but thinking that Conan got +$30M and doesn’t have to do anything for it? I think he got the better end of the deal! 🙂

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