I hope you guys have time to get the freebies today.  As for me?  Busy driving & waiting…and wondering why I would schedule 2 kids dentist appointments and one eye doctor appointment on the same day as a Highschool meet.  Yeah…driving, sitting, and cursing myself.

Free Playtex Sport Pack, print out a coupon for a free box of Sunbelt Granola bars, free mold test kit, free Art Cow photo watch – become a fan on Facebook and get 3 of your friends to become fans too, print out this coupon for a 1 cent soda at AMPM (formerly BP), print out a coupon for a free taco at Taco Bell.

How many times do you end up at the checkout line of your grocery store and suddenly remember that all of your reusable grocery bags are still in your car?  I do it ALL the time.  You can get a free static window cling that reminds you to bring your bags in.  Great Idea!

Don’t forget to register your giftcards.  I just received a postcard in the mail from Starbucks with a coupon for a free oatmeal…just because I registered my giftcard.  I also received a $2 bonus on a Dunkin Donuts card…just for registering it.  Go through all of the cards that you received over the holidays and register the card.  Some companies will even replace a lost card if it was registered.  Take the time to do it today (and think of me hauling my children ALL over town while you do it)


January 20, 2010. Free.

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