Have you seen this?

I know we all have a ton of gadgets that need charged…and if you are like me, you have a ton of different cords laying around to charge your cell phones, ipods, gameboys, etc.  Have you seen the new charging mats that have come out on the market?  You simply set your device to be charged on the mat and it charges it.  Easy, right?  You have to buy the mat and then a power sleeve or attachment for each device.  The set up could become expensive…but the benefits are awesome.  The Duracell myGrid retails for $69.99 on amazon and the price for the power sleeves varies.  They seem to run around $35.  So, it would be expensive to start up.  Has anyone purchased one of these, and if so, are you happy with it?

I’m off to the DMV…my oldest turns 15 today and is getting her learners permit!!!  Look out!!!  Happy Birthday Maddie!


January 12, 2010. shopping.


  1. Chell replied:

    I just saw that the other day, now I can’t remember where. . but what an AWESOME idea!!

  2. Kendra replied:

    I have one for our WII remotes, and it rocks!!!! a bit spendy on the start up, but very cool!

  3. April replied:

    Please bear in mind that this may not work for older cell phones etc. According to my understanding, these will only work on gadgets that are blue tooth accesible.

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