Flat out awesome!

I have been busy trying to streamline my kitchen…you know, avoid having all of my Tupperware fall on my head when I open the cupboards!  I found a few products that will help me out with this problem…

This collapsible salad spinner by Progressive will save lots of space!  It smushes down to less than 3 inches!   Available at Amazon or at your local Walmart.

My cheese grater takes up a ton of space in my cupboard…plus we have two of them.  Yes we like cheese and have it often.  This Fold Flat Grater would be awesome.

6 essential kitchen items all nest together in one neat little package.  Genius.

Nothing worse than trying to close your utensil drawer only to have it jammed up by some big tool you only use every once in a while.  The Prepara Flip Masher folds flat after use.  Solving the big tool dilemma in your drawer.

4 measuring cups that stack, and then lay flat!  All of your measuring cups could actually fit in your utensil drawer.  Super cool.

Did you notice the green color of everything?  I’m guessing that is the hot kitchen color right now.  I like it!


January 8, 2010. Tags: . cooking, shopping.

One Comment

  1. Angela Hollander replied:

    I have the measuring cups and LOVE them!! Wal-Mart has a colander that folds flat that I’ve been eyeing…..

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