I received a great little present in the mail this weekend from Sanita Clogs.  An amazing pair of shoes!  Sanita Clogs are The original Danish clogs.  That means total comfort & cool European styling in one little box!  I opened my box and saw a pair of Professional Rustic Olive clogs.  They are really cool looking – the leather is very distressed looking, which I love.  I whipped off my slippers and put on my new clogs.  Seriously comfortable.  Seriously.  They feel so good.  I can’t even describe how good they feel…if you have any kind of job where you are on your feet – GET  THESE NOW.  They also have a secret benefit – they make you a lot taller.  I probably gained two inches.  I actually had people ask me if I lost weight…hee-hee…it was my new added height!  I love the fact that they have low backs on them…I don’t like a total open back on my shoes.  Clogs have come a long way, take a look at some of the great styles Sanita has to offer.  Yes, they cost more than a trip to Payless – but they are made really well & will last a lifetime.  Plus they are heaven on my feet.


December 14, 2009. Review, shopping.

One Comment

  1. DaShannon replied:

    I have 2 pair of these and I love love love them. Comfortable and stylish!!

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