Got Flu?

Has your home been hit by the flu yet? Thankfully, we have not been infected…yet.  I do believe in lots & lots of Oust or Lysol spray – on door handles, faucets, or any other hard surface.  Another great product that will actually help keep your bathroom germ free is the SimpleHuman automatic soap dispenser.  It is touch-free…so no germies on the soap pump!  You simply put your hand under it and it dispenses the soap right onto your hands.  You can adjust the volume that comes out…so it will dispense the right amount of soap for your taste.  It also blinks for 20 seconds after dispensing the soap – this is to show little ones how long to lather the soap in their hands before they wash it off.  I also find that it keeps my bathroom cleaner…no grimy soap dispenser with old soap dripping down it.


December 3, 2009. Review.

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