When I first started playing golf with my dad he would let me take a mulligan if I hit a bad shot.  A mulligan is simply a do-over.  You get to take the same shot again with no penalty.  I have been really cold (and lazy) so I decided to take a mulligan shot on my blog today.  I am re-running my post from last year on great cold weather items. (with a few new comments in red.)

It is cold! I have been doing my research and found a few ways to warm up…

  • Slanket – This is a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves! You can keep warm and cozy while still being able to move your hands. Want to wrap up to stay warm and still surf on your laptop? Feeling all snug in your blanket but you want to drink your tea? To cold to even take your hands out to use the remote? The Slanket has you covered! This is a such a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it?? For $44.95 you can own the hottest blanket on the market.  I still like this much better than the cheaply made Snuggies.
  • Zippo Hand Warmer – This new hand warmer uses Zippo lighter fluid to provide up to 24 hours of powerful heat! It has a super sleek look to it – like a big Zippo lighter and comes with a nice little fleece pouch to carry it in. This little gadget sure will warm you up! It’s great for walking the dog or any outdoor activity. I have even used mine at home to warm myself up! For $29.95 you will receive the hand warmer, pouch, lighter fluid, and a little funnel for filling it. It is easy to use right out of the box.  Seriously, one of the most used products that I own…especially at Riley’s soccer games. My friends are always asking to borrow my hand warmer…it is one hot item!!
  • Girl 32 – I think that Girl 32 has to be the smartest girl around! She has developed the most amazing knit wear to keep you warm and toasty. I’ll start with the hat. This ultra fashionable & ultra warm wool winter hat actually has Swarovski buttons down the back that enable you to stick your ponytail out of the hat! Just unbutton the spot where your ponytail hits…pull it through…oh, you look so cute!  Cutest hat, glove, and scarf set that I own.
Girl 32 wouldn’t want your hands to get cold…she also wouldn’t want you to stop dialing your phone just because it is cold outside! She has designed her gloves with hooded fingertips on the thumb and forefinger – just the fingers you need to dial, text, apply lipstick, or fiddle with your Ipod. Just pop your digits out and in as you please!
The Girl 32 Scarves are what drew me to this company. How genius is a scarf that has a zippered pocket in it? I know…pretty smart! The smart scarf actually has a hidden zippered pocket in it! Not only is it a beautiful & generously sized scarf…it can carry your phone. Oh Girl 32 you are the best!!
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad The best invention for your bed. Ever. Really. I have one of these on my bed and I don’t know how I ever managed to suffer through a winter without it! Mike & I each have our own controls so we can set our own side of the bed to the temperature that we like. I usually pre-heat my bed in the evening…when I climb in at night it is super warm and toasty! This is so much better than a heated blanket…it warms your whole bed up! You can find these at Target as well as many other stores.  Best invention EVER!!  Make sure you get one with duel controls…marriage saver 🙂
Try to stay warm…

November 10, 2009. Review, shopping.

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  1. Kelly replied:

    Where can you buy Girl 32 items?

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