I received a bottle of Aveeno NOURISH + Hair Care Collection from BzzAgent to test out their shampoo and conditioner and share the results with my friends.  I have extremely fine thin hair and was pretty skeptical that a different shampoo & conditioner could actually make a difference.   I was testing out the Nourish + Volumize which is supposed to make your hair thicker after only two washes.  Like a good little BzzAgent steward that I am, I put the two bottles in my shower a few weeks back and started using them – never really giving it a second thought.  Last night I went to my regular hairdresser to get a hair cut (which is mighty cute – had some bangs thrown in) and she tells me that my hair seems thicker than usual.  Forgetting that I have been using the new Aveeno shampoo I tell her that it is probably because I have a few more gray hairs and that they are thick little buggers.  She laughed and told me that I didn’t have any extra gray hair.  She keeps cutting away.  All of a sudden I remembered that I was using a thickening shampoo!  I told her what I was using and asked if it really could have worked?  She told me that in fact, the right shampoo can make a difference – but usually they are pricey salon bottles.  Not my Aveeno, I can buy it at my grocery store!  It really works.  Unbelievable!  You can request a sample of your own to try out here.



October 23, 2009. Tags: . Free, Review.

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