ExOfficia claims that you can wear one pair of their underwear for two weeks straight through 17 different countries.  Apparently it is super odor resistant (lets hope so), has some kind of bacteria control in it, and made out of a magical quick drying fabric.  That sounds great….but two weeks?  I have to confess that I haven’t tested this product out.  Not gonna happen.  Unless I get chosen to be on the amazing race, then I would wear them.  They come in men’s and women’s sizes.  For the washing machine challenged person in your life.



October 16, 2009. shopping.


  1. Julie Gosselin replied:

    That is GROSS!! Other than Survivor contestants who would actually be interested in this item!!!

  2. Amy replied:


  3. Angie replied:

    Ok- that is just not right. Please- have we come to this people? :0

  4. Sheila replied:

    I’m not sure about wearing one pair “straight through”. I did bring only two pair of underwear on a 14 day trip to Italy. I wore one pair during the day and one pair at night (while I washed/dried the other pair). They did wash/dry perfectly well and didn’t smell – they packed next to nothing and they were comfortable and breathable. I packed only one bag for the 14 day trip. The biggest hardship was only bringing two pair of shoes!

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