Better than Chalk (and even better than a Sharpie).

Can I just talk about my absolute favorite new calendar one more time?  I love it!  Especially now…because I found out about Chalk Ink.  You know how when you go to a restaurant that has the specials written on a chalkboard and they look all colorful & like an artist wrote them out?  They are written with Chalk Ink pens.  They are kind of like paint pens but for a chalkboard.  They come in a ton of vibrant colors and make anyone look like a professional sign maker.  I picked up a package at Michael’s the other day and have been smitten with these pens ever since.  I use them on my chalkboard in my kitchen as well as on my dry erase calendar.  You can write on glass, metal (cute metal buckets that you can personalize), plastic (think tupperware here),  chalkboards, mirrors,  and more.  They look like you have used chalk…only they don’t smear off.  They apply smoothly, don’t make a mess, and look super vibrant!  You simply  wipe them off with a damp towel when you want to erase them.  The best part?  No chalk dust on your chalkboard!!  They come in a ton of great colors.  I bought the “Earthy” set because they match my kitchen colors.  My calendar and chalkboard look super cute and artsy now…no boring, dusty white chalk for me.

chalkHere are some examples of how awesome they are…



October 12, 2009. Review, shopping.


  1. Betsy replied:

    I LoVe my Chalk Ink pens!!!They were a little pricey for my pocketbook, but Emily and I have had a blast with them……

    • katyshops replied:

      They are so worth the splurge!

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