I will never…

…have to buy another calender again.  Ever.  This is the coolest calendar in the world!  It is a personalized dry erase calendar that stick on the inside of a picture frame.  The decal goes on the glass and when you hang it up you just write on the glass with dry erase markers.  I found it on Etsy from sayitwithstyle.  I love it for many reasons…

  1. It is personalized.  You know how much I love all things personalized/monogrammed.  You even get to pick your color.
  2. It is big.  Yep, 16 x 20 inches.
  3. It looks great hanging in my kitchen.  I picked up a nice frame from Khol’s for under $20.
  4. It is fun!  We have color coded everyone’s activities – my kids just come home from school or practice and write in the updates.
  5. It is Eco friendly.  No paper waste.  At the beginning of a new month I just wipe it off and start all over again.
  6. It is cheap.  Only $18
  7. It is really easy to install on to your frame.  The directions are foolproof.  Tons of pictures to guide you.

I have received so many compliments on this.  It is actually quite a show piece in my home.  Who knew people would be so excited about a calendar.  I think deep down inside we all like to write with dry erase markers 🙂  Buy one for yourself, buy one for a Christmas present.  I guarantee they will love you forever for it!  I will write more about the frame I used and the super duper cool markers that I found to use on it…you will have to wait.  Here are a few of the designs…

This is my calendar



October 8, 2009. Review.

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