Fit Friday – I win sometimes too.

Did you ever watch the Bozo show on TV when you were little?  My favorite part of the show was when they would let one of the kids try to be the “Grand Prize” winner.  Each level of the game racked up more and more prizes for the kid and someone at home.  I love dreaming about being the big winner on the Bozo show.  Fast forward 20 (okay, 20+) years…my local morning show that I watch gives away a ton of prizes.  And I enter to win every one of them.  Every day.  From Bloomingdale’s Gift Certificates to speakers for your iPod, I have entered.  Last week I actually won the prize of the day!!!  I screamed when they flashed my name on the TV and announced my name (even though they called me Kathy.)!  My husband asked me what I won….”a scooter.  Actually a Pumgo.”  Yeah,  I won a Pumgo.  The morning anchors had been tootling around on my Pumgo all morning…hey, they looked like they were having fun.  I rushed down to the station to pick up my “Grand Prize Pumgo” and couldn’t wait to get home and try it out.  In fact, I may or may not have taken it for a short ride in the CBS lobby downtown Atlanta.  I’ll never tell.  As it turns out, the Pumgo is pretty awesome.  It is the world’s first fitness scooter.  You pump the pedals  up and down to make it go…. it is sort of like riding an elliptical machine.  It gives you a great leg & butt workout!  My girls and I all love riding on our Pumgo.  What a great way to ride scooters with your children – you can combine your workout and your playtime.  I almost forgot…it has a bell on it.  I sound like the ice cream man.  How cool is that?


**this is a stock photo from the website…I have no idea who he is****


September 4, 2009. health, shopping, Uncategorized.


  1. Julie Gosselin replied:

    Congrats – I want one! Can you get one for us to win?

  2. Sasha replied:

    I LOVED the Bozo show and always wished I lived in Chicago so I could be on it.

    Congrats on your win! Now go buy a lottery ticket!

  3. Holly replied:

    That’s GREAT!!!! It’s so much fun to win, especially something you really like!!

  4. Amy replied:

    Ha ha! You crack me up – you are always winning something and a scooter is right up your alley!

  5. Chell replied:

    How cool.

    My godparents lived in Hammond, IN, so we would watch Bozo live every day!!

  6. Michelle replied:

    I want to know what tv show you watch that gives out prizes everyday. Let me know. I like the scooter and you’re right, it is right up your alley

    • katyshops replied:

      Better Mornings Atlanta on CBS…they just gave out another prize today!

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