Serious Simple Shoes Clearance Sale!

Great Shoes, rock bottom prices….and free shipping!  Yay for clearance sales 🙂  Simple Shoes.  Isn’t that simple?  I love Simple Shoes…not only do they look cool & feel super comfy – they are good for the environment.  They are made from sustainable resources.  Old tires, hemp, bamboo, recycled paper and more.  So buy a shoe and save a tree.

$8.90 for the little girls…

shoe$4.90 for the babies…

shoe$9.90 for the prep. (I got these for me!)


$7.90 for the Longhorn fan.



September 3, 2009. sale.


  1. Julie Gosselin replied:

    I can not believe I found this sale before you!! 😉 I got these earlier this week.

    • katyshops replied:

      Sorry Julie..I didn’t share earlier…we have already had 3 shipments of shoes delivered to our house in the past two weeks…the sale has been going on for a long time! Every time we get a box…someone else wants a pair 🙂 I did post it on Facebook a while ago.

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