Can they make it any easier? (Give Away too)

When my kids were babies the electronic ear thermometer had just been released.  We were stoked!  Not only was it a super quick and easy way to take my babies temperature – I didn’t have to stick anything in their butt.  Seriously…that grossed me out.  We thought this was the best invention ever!  Fast forward 10 years and things have gotten even better.  I’m talking about the Temple Touch Thermometer.  It is a non-invasive thermometer that you simply touch on your child’s temple for a few seconds…and presto, you have just taken their temperature.  So easy that you can even do it while your child is sleeping!  I feel like they should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for thinking up this one.  Seriously, taking the temperature of a baby while it is sleeping?  Genius!  I think it is so amazing that I want to give one of you your very own Temple Touch Thermometer.  Entering is easy…just comment on this post.  Just for fun, you can get extra credit entries by writing about this contest on your blog, tweeting about this contest, or Facebook it.  Just let me know (by entering another comment) if you did any of the extra credit work.  If you don’t know what to comment about….tell me your fever/taking temperature horror stories….or just say hello.  Either way you have a chance to get one of these gadgets for yourself.  I will close the contest Wed (9/2) at 5pm.  Good Luck!



September 1, 2009. give away, Review.


  1. Karen Knapp replied:

    Wow … what a great idea. Did you see Shark Tank? Two ladies invented “coverplay”. It is a slip cover for the pack and play … genius! It just goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to … now if only I could think of something!

    • Sherri H. replied:

      I would so love to have one of these. This is priceless. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas with us. What a life saver you are. Thanks, Sherri H.

    • tam morningstar replied:

      i need this… i can’t see… the other thermometer to read the darn thing,,, never have been able to. please draw my name…LOL!


  2. Kristin Oakley replied:

    This would make things much easier at my house.

  3. Julie Gosselin replied:

    Anything is better than KY and a butt thermometer! EEEW

  4. Carin Geraci replied:

    I want one of these so bad! I had an ear thermometer when Rylie was a baby and I swear that thing never worked right–especially when she already had an ear infection. Plus I hated buying all of those little disposable covers to put on it!

  5. Denise Blevins replied:

    I would absolutely love one of these things!! I am with Carin on the whole cover for the ear thermometer…. I think I actually spread an ear infection to one of my kids b/c I was out of covers!! Mom of the Year!! With 4 kids this would be awsome!!

  6. Jill replied:

    My little boys are so cranky when they have a fever, so this thing would be a God-send. I just don’t trust the ear thermometer anymore, or the under the arm thing.

  7. Lu Ann replied:

    This is truly a wonderful invention. They invented the strip thermometers for the forehead but they were never accurate. I can’t wait to tell my daughter’s about this! They hate taking their babies temps the old fasion way!

  8. Heidi German replied:

    What a great idea! I had a regular thermometer and DD WOULD NOT let me put it in her mouth–ever! She just clamped her little lips shut and that was it, and I was never brave enough to go the…er..Southern route! LOL

  9. Judy replied:

    This is the best invention for babies. We just got over the stomach flu and there was absolutely no way to take her temperature with the regular thermometer. That is the last thing you want when you have stomach problems. I would love to try this new thermometer.

  10. Cathy Perry replied:

    Thanks for all your info all the time Katy! I love reading it all! One of those Temple Touch thermometers would be AWESOME! I love the idea of not having to wake my child up just to take their temp when they are sick! Thanks! 🙂

  11. Tonya replied:

    I need this thing…I still use the old rectal one and my family givems me grief. This could be considered a toy too right?

  12. Mary Drury replied:

    Where can you buy one, because I must get one for my eight month old son. It takes both my husband and I to take his temperature, even with the ear thermometers because he wiggles so much! One holds him down and sings to him while the other one takes his temperature.

  13. Denise replied:

    I could have really used this a few weeks ago, my 22 month old grandson had what we thought was a fever of 103 plus that we could not seem to break and then when we got to the ER they took it rectally and it was actually over 105. They immediately put ice under his arms and gave him a double dose of tylenol & motrin and we finally got it down. He was having an allergic reaction to a viral infection. A fever for 5 days and a bad rash. He is much better now. This would have really come in handy. Thanks!

  14. Laura replied:

    I don’t want to be a downer but we had one of these and it was never accurate. It was not this particular brand so maybe this one is better. It really is a great idea if it is accurate.

  15. Meghan replied:

    I am pregnant and I was just saying the other day I would love one of those thermometers. I always have a problem sticking the thermometer all the way in the ear when I am taking childrens temperatures at work. I am always afraid of hurting the child. As a daycare employee I have had plenty of experience with temperatures.

  16. Jennifer replied:

    That is so cool! Would make life so much easier. Thanks!

  17. melissa replied:

    great idea! It’s so hard for my daughter to keep the one we have in her mouth. ditto on the idea of not having to wake your child up in the middle of the night to check their temp.

  18. Dana replied:

    This is a perfect idea. I have a 3 year old who had lots of ear infections and although the ear thermomoter is lots easier then the mouth it was still a challange when his ears hurt. I have a new baby on the way and it’s good to know that something new and improved has come out.

  19. Dana replied:

    I also told my friends about this blog entry on Facebook. I know lots of moms that would love this.

  20. Dana replied:

    I also tweeted about the contest and your blog on Twitter. Have a great day!

  21. Ann Desrosiers replied:

    This looks great, much better than the old fashioned way of getting a temp. I am a mom of two little girls and this would come in handy!!!

  22. Beth Wilhelm replied:

    I have to laugh at Julie G- I remember those days of KY jelly and opening wide of those little cheeks.. ICK! You NEVER knew what was going to come out with the thermometer. (thats a double ick) The things that a mother has to do to show her love.

  23. Matt replied:

    I WANT ONE!!!!! I love your site.

  24. Lisa replied:

    What a great ideal. Nothing worse than to wake a sleeping sick child to get a temp reading. I love your site and all the useful information I receive, I am addicted!!

  25. debbie replied:

    Wow no more sticking thermometers where no one wants them? Amazing wish it was a round when my kids were little. My grandchildren will benefit from this!

  26. Deanna replied:

    Love this idea! Have the ear one for my 3 yr old but it would be really nice for my 5 month old…especially going into cold and flu season.

  27. Crystal Terry replied:

    My son was in the hospital for 5 days and they used one of these on him and it was awesome! I told my husband then that I would love to havce one!

  28. Melissa Methvin replied:

    I too love your site and so does my extended family. Can’t beat the ease of this thermometer. Thanks!

  29. Ivie replied:

    Oh how we could use this in my house!

  30. KK replied:

    Wow! That is so fabulous! What will they think of next? So brilliant.

  31. Holly replied:

    I would love one- great idea! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. Pat replied:

    I need this!!!
    from pat in Katy TX

  33. Cat replied:

    I have a 6 month old AND a 5 year old. Both are big babies about getting their temperatures taken. This would be a life saver!

  34. Wendy replied:

    Hi Katy! Love your blog! 2 kids at home and flu season is right around the corner 😦

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