Warm Fuzzies.

Have you or your kids ever been in a classroom where they collect “warm fuzzies”?  It is basically a jar that the teacher fills with pom pom balls each time she catches a student doing something good.  When the jar is filled the class receives a reward.  Usually a ice cream party or special movie to watch.  We call it the Warm Fuzzy Jar.  Yesterday I learned that there are no “warm fuzzies” in High School.  It is hard core!  I know they are big now…but they treat them like they are in college.  Of course I realize that the days of warm fuzzy jars are over….I just thought that life was full of warm fuzzy moments.  Maybe it will come…and I will be waiting.  For now, I will have to find my own warm fuzzies on the internet…

I could knit up a few warm fuzzies

warmI love slippers!  Alpaca Fur would definitely be both warm & fuzzy.

warmYou can even read about warm fuzzies.

warmIf you are looking to make your own Warm Fuzzy jar, I suggest using this vintage Mason jar.  It even says “Mom’s Mason Jar” on it.


Just remember that we are never to old to celebrate life’s warm fuzzy moments.  How full would your own jar be?


August 11, 2009. shopping.

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