Back to School.

Some of us are “school year moms” and some of us are “Summer moms”.  I am a Summer mom.  I dread sending the girls back to school.  I love having them home with me in the Summer – I always have someone to eat lunch with, workout with, and hang with.  We shop, watch TIVO, and of course I drive them and their friends all over creation.  I love it!  I will truly miss them.  It is especially hard because my oldest starts High School and my youngest starts Middle School.  So today we go to their new schools to meet their teachers and get their schedules – a hard day for a “Summer Mom” like me.

Here is a great deal on a little computer.  Only $179.99 with free shipping.  Maybe the start of a school year would be better with a great little gadget tucked into their book bag.



August 7, 2009. shopping.


  1. Angie replied:

    OHH I am SO a summer Mom!!!
    Other Mom’s think I am crazy! But I just love having my babies home with me during the break.
    We do need the routine of school though… so it is best that we have to go back. ( i guess…)
    I am excited about our Fall Break in September! We will have big plans then for sure.

  2. Sue Schonauer replied:

    Katy – being a teacher, I am a summer mom all the way! It is fun and relaxing to have a different routine and do “silly” things and fun field trips. I have already started beck to “pre-work” for school and the real thing starts in less than 2 weeks for us all. Oh well, there is always next year! Your cousin-in-law,
    Sue Schonauer

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