Public Service Announcement!

I know, today is Fit Friday.  I have been following my half marathon training program to the letter (or should I say number?).  I can tell that it is working and that I am getting stronger and faster.  If you would like to train for a race or just shoot for a goal, I highly recommend the SmartCoach personalized training program.  It is free and really easy to use.  You just plug in some numbers and it spits out a running schedule.  Easy!

Now, onto my PSA…Did you know that you can actually get cash when you recycle your old cell phones?  I recently upgraded (through Sprint) and a little mailing envelope was in the box with my new phone.  It was postage paid and already addressed.  It sat around my house for a few weeks…I really didn’t feel like clearing out the old phone.  Little did I know, there was a website that you could log onto to check how much your will get you if you recycle it.  Get this…my phone was worth $50!!  Seriously.  You bet I cleared that puppy out and mailed it off to Sprint!  So, check with your cellphone provider and see if they recycle old phones.  Their are also many sites (like this one) where you can get cold hard cash for your old phones.  So go through those junk drawers!!  Not only is it good for the environment, it is good for your wallet 🙂



July 31, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Lynne replied:

    I always give my phones to a local company that provides them to people waiting for transplants. The phones are used to contact them when the organ they are waiting on is available.

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