Road Trip!

I was lucky enough to accompany my girlfriend to Lula, Georgia this weekend to look at a sweet little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  The King Cavalier is a breed of dogs that I was not that familiar with – I did remember that Charlotte in Sex and the City had King Cavalier puppies, and did know that they were really cute.  What I learned from the owner (Holly) is that they are sweet, sweet dogs.  She described their temperament as that of a Golden Retriever – and we all know how sweet Goldens are!  They are very petite, she specialized in small King Cavaliers.  The dogs were very calm and very loving.  I don’t know if it is indicative of all King Cavaliers or if it is because they happen to have an amazing owner and facility.  Seriously, this place was gorgeous…super clean & state of the art.  Holly owns an amazing King Cavalier business as well as a Bed & Biscuit Inn.  In fact, the dog that we looked at had just had a blueberry facial before we arrived.  Heck, I would like to stay there too!  She happens to have quite a glitzy clientele too…many celebrities and Braves players are proud owners of her dogs.  She has flown with dogs to meet clients all over the country!  Maybe the paparazzi should hang out in Lula to catch a few prize shots 🙂  We looked at a little guy named Clarence (soon to be renamed Gibson ~maybe).  I have a feeling we will be taking another road trip this weekend so my friend can officially adopt him….I can’t wait!  Oh, and did I mention we passed by the outlet center on the way home and did some shopping?  Perfect road trip!  Here is a photo of aKing Cavalier…


And here is the little guy we looked at…




July 27, 2009. travel, useless information.

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