I have been reading all of these articles lately on how to look younger.  Of course I know that if I wear my 1989 Phi Mu Orange Crush t-shirt that will probably age me.  But did you know that wearing a watch will actually make you look older?  Apparently the younger generation relies on their cell phone for the time and wearing a watch just makes you look old and technologically challenged.  Hmmm.  I like watches.  How about some young hip looking watches?  I love all of the Freestyle watches…hip & feature loaded!

This one actually will let you know the tide data for your favorite beach.

watchThis has to make you look hip.

watchMost water resistant watches look like you are training for a triathlon.  Not this one!  This is the Bliss Watch by Freestyle USA.

watchYou already know how much I love pink.



July 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

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