I have a birthday coming up.  Not the big 4-0….just the one after it.  Now I guess I will officially be in my 40’s (as opposed to just 40).  I attended a botox party last Saturday night – it was very tempting…but I resisted!  I was surprised that everyone said that it didn’t even hurt.  Now if they could just bring the price down a little.  So instead of botox and fillers I thought I would try something a little different.

bookThe $10.87 price tag is much cheaper than Dr. Chang was charging for his injections.  Here is another book I should probably own.  I have read many reviews, and it looks like a good one to have. It will keep you from getting swayed by the sales girl at the cosmetic counter.  She tells you which drugstore items do the same thing that the expensive items do.



July 14, 2009. shopping.

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  1. Beth replied:

    I’ve been a Paula Begoun follower for years! She even has her own product line that I use (both cleansers and makeup). I think she’s awesome and recommend her to everyone!!!

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