I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.  I ran the Peachtree Road Race – it was awesome.  It is the biggest road race in the country, with 55,000 people running a 10k from Buckhead to Midtown.  Tons of fun!

I always try to run each race a little bit faster.  There are other ways in life that I try to be faster too.  Many products can streamline your daily routine and free up some of your precious time.  I have used the Senseo Coffee Maker by Philips for the past 5 years.  I love it!  Each night I make sure that its reservoir is filled with water, insert 2 coffee pods into it, and set my mug under the spout.  When I wake up I only have to push one button and my coffee is ready.  Push another button and it fills my cup for me.  The coffee is really good and I can buy the pods at my local grocery store.  I love it!

fastMy Mio GPS for my car saves me so much time!  When I have to take the girls to a friends house, I just type in the address and off we go.  This saves me from having to look up an address on the internet or calling for directions.  It also saves paper…I don’t have to print out driving directions.


My deodorant actually saves me time!  I use Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth.  It makes your hair grow back really fine under your arms…that means you have to shave less often!  No lie.  It works.  It is also a great deodorant…no sweat marks on my shirts!

fastWhat saves you time?

July 6, 2009. shopping.

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