The best life saver. PSI Bands.

psiThey look like super cute bracelets, don’t they?  These cutie pies are a life saver.  Actually a vacation saver.  Psi Bands are acupressure  wrist bands  that keep you from getting motion sick.  I threw the cute pink striped pair in my suitcase when we left for the cruise.  I don’t usually get motion sick, but you never know.  If I do feel nauseous, I don’t want to take any over the counter medicine – usually it will make me very sleepy (and I also have to stay away from the drink of the day by the pool).  We were all fine…no one was sea sick….until the 5th night.  You could tell that a storm was brewing by the big dark clouds….and then the rocking started.  It was really starting to bother Maddie.  I quickly put the PSI Bands on her wrists and waited to see what would happen.  She felt better!  I couldn’t believe it!  Without medicine – her sick feeling was all gone.  Phew.  I let out a big Psi (sigh – get it?) of relief.  Our night was not ruined – even as the rocking got worse, she still remained fine.  I really wanted to put them on my wrists…but I’m a nice Mom and I let her have them. I would totally reccomend throwing a few pairs in your suitcase if you are going on a cruise.  Even if you have cruised before and avoided motion sickness.  You just never know.

I love them because not only are they drug free – they are reusable, adjustable, waterproof, available (you can get them at Rite Aid), and super cool looking!  You know how much I love fashion and function together.  We used ours for sea sickness – you can also use them for morning sickness, chemotherapy, or anesthesia problems.

What a great product.  It’s no wonder they were the 2009 winner of the Startup Nation Leading Moms in Business Competition.  I think they deserve a great big prize for saving night 5 of my vacation from disaster.  Thanks Psi!

July 2, 2009. Review, shopping.

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