I wish they would have invented this 15 years ago.

There are some really clever products for babies/toddlers out there.  I’m so glad someone has taken all of the “why can’t you buy…” ideas that we all came up with as Moms and turned them into a business.  Lucky new Mom’s get to get all of the cool stuff!

Sticker place mats!  How genius is that idea?  Seriously smart.  I’m jealous.

liteA changing pad that covers the whole changing table in public restrooms.  You never know when a lefty has use the changing table.  Think about it.  A lefty would have their kid’s butt where your kid’s head goes.  Ick.

liteYou need this bad if you have a carseat.  Real bad.  Throw up goes in every crevice of a carseat.

liteThe best part is that you can get all of these pieces in a matching pattern.  Cute and necessary.

June 26, 2009. shopping, Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Stacey replied:

    Could have used the changing table cover..I am a lefty so my kids heads ALWAYS had to go where the righty mom’s put their kids’ butts!

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