Are you in?

Are you in to the Twilight craze?  It seems like everyone who even looks at the books is instantly hooked…kind of like a spell has been put on them.  I have not read the books.   My daughter has read them all.  I just don’t think I will like them.  I don’t know how a book about vampires can be so globally popular.  Anyway, if you are a fan I found some Twilight inspired goodies for you.

I know someone (ahem…Carin) that would love this necklace.  In fact, she probably already owns it!  In case you can’t read it…”Forever Love (heart) Edward”…

liteA “team Edward” bracelet.  I actually thought it was a New Kid’s On The Block bracelet when I first looked at it.

liteDon’t go anywhere without your pocket Edward.

liteI’m sure your husband won’t mind this hanging in the bedroom…



June 25, 2009. shopping, Uncategorized.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Katy, If you read the books I think you would like them. They are really well written. Chris even got into them after Haylee and I read them. You start one you can’t put them down.

  2. Carin Geraci replied:

    Ha! Ha! No, I don’t have one. But you should read the books!

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