Fit Friday – check your heartrate!

I have been reading a lot about the benefits of using a heart rate monitor while exercising.  The top 5 reasons to use a monitor are:

  1. It improves your health – you can make sure that you are working out at the right intensity
  2. Lose Weight – If your heart rate is not elevated high enough or to high to lose weight…there is a specific zone you should be in to lose weight.
  3. Make the most of a short workout – get to the right level and stay there for a short workout
  4. Safety – you should know if your heart rate is dangerously high.
  5. Self Coaching – A heart rate watch will alert you when you are in the zone, falling from the zone, or at other intervals of your choice.  It will yell at you just like a coach.

My Garmin has a heart rate strap that I can wear…but I don’t like to wear it.  It straps around my chest and feels uncomfortable.  NuMetrex makes a sports bra with a built in heart rate monitor.  You just put on the bra, snap on the tiny transmitter, and it will link to your watch or machine that you are using.  I love that I don’t have to have something strapped to my chest!  The transmitter is compatible with all Polar watches – which I happen to love!  They are small and easy to use.  You can buy a bra & watch package for around $100.  Trust me, once you start using your  heart rate  data in your workout, you will see results – especially for weight loss!



June 19, 2009. Running, shopping.

One Comment

  1. Lynda replied:

    I didn’t know about the sports bra with the transmitter in it. I may have to check that out. I have a Polar F11 that I LOVE. I really has aided in weight loss. Even without the watch, the sports bra with transmitter would be great when using the cardio equipment at the gym. I assume it would work with the HR monitors on the equipment (I know my Polar transmitter does).

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