Last week was crazy!  I volunteered for my church’s VBS all week – which was a blast (but very tiring!).  Saturday night I went to the Keith Urban /Taylor Swift concert.  I was lucky enough to get to attend the Backstage Backyard Barbeque at the concert.  We were treated to some great food, got to meet Keith (he is super hot) and was even treated to a few songs.  It was just Keith and his guitar….man can he play!  When you go to a concert venue where Taylor Swift is playing you see so many sundresses, boots, and cowboy hats.  From 3 year old girls to 80 year old women.  It is all about the outfit!  If you really want to find out how to dress like Taylor visit this site.  They will give you the rundown on her whole style (and give you tips on how to do it for less).

Some of the concert shirts/merchandise was actually really cool looking.  Usually concert shirts are not my thing- I can’t stand when they have the artists picture on them.  But here are some fun ones that I found (with no weird pictures of their faces)…

Taylor Swift…


From Kenny Chesney:

shirtFrom Sugarland…

shirtRascal Flatts even makes shirts for babies…

shirtAnd of course Keith Urban (hottie)…here are a few of my favorites…


shirtshirtSee?  You can still show your love for your favorite artist without looking cheesy!


June 15, 2009. entertainment, shopping.

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