Fit Friday – for the kids!

My mom turned Riley onto this foam wrap & ribbon.  It is a roll of foam that comes in different fun colors.  You simply tear off a piece and use it to tie your pony tail or use it to place in your shoes where your shoe is rubbing.  Riley even likes to tie a few “bracelets” on her arm with it.  Because it is soft and contains no clips, she can wear it in her soccer games.  I’m sure that there are a million other uses for this cool roll of foam.  I even found a few threads on the Internet where they are making crafts out of it (and even some fly fishing lures).  If you have long hair I would definitely keep a roll in your gym bag…you never know when you want to tie it up!  We found our roll at Target and I think Claire’s sells it too.



June 5, 2009. shopping.

One Comment

  1. KK replied:

    I saw that in Target the other day and wondered what one would do with it- thanks for clearing that up!

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