June Freebies!

Go get a free root beer float at Sonic from 8pm to midnight…today only!

Check out the free family Summer activities at Bass Pro Shop..they look like fun!

Barbecue Sauce sample, Carefree liners and case, click on the butterfly to download Coldplay’s new CD for free, free on demand movie for Comcast Triple Play customers, kids can get a gift from Topps for good grades (looks like trading cards).

Your kids can build this tool sorter for free this Saturday.  They will also receive an apron and a pin.  Click on the picture for more details.


Not a freebie but a really good deal.  Buy 2 blueberry plants for $10 and get one free.  I have a blueberry bush and love it!  I would love to have 3!  We get so many berries off of one bush that we actually have to freeze some of them.  You could have blueberries for the next year with three plants.
A new coupon site that I found…


June 3, 2009. Free.


  1. Meredith replied:

    Katy, I love your blog, especially the Freebie Wednesdays, but the recommendation of clipngocoupons.com is terrible. It’s like Eversaver. You go through a twenty-minute series of screens with questions and offers in which I am not interested only to get to a screen that tells me I need to permit cookies, use a different browser or different version of my browser, or other problem so I never get to the coupons. I hope others have better experiences with these sites. I was hoping you had found one that wouldn’t waste my time 😦 and would provide coupons. If anyone knows of these, please pass along. Us poor Mac users have coupon printing problems. Or maybe it’s just me…

    • katyshops replied:

      I’m so sorry you had problems with it! Have you tried Smartsource.com? I don’t know anything about the problems with a Mac…I will see if I can find some for you!

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