No, not that kind of quickie!  Just a quick post.  This school year is coming to an end…with a big finale.  I have one finishing Elementary School & one finishing Middle School.  With that said I have my schedule filled with kickball tournaments, luncheons, awards ceremonies, school tours, field days and more.  I will try to be timely with my posts for the next week…please stick with me if I skip a day (or two)…I am busy, busy, busy!!  Not to mention my Gold Party tonight and an engagement party tomorrow (congratulations Jessica!).  With both of the girls moving on to new schools next year I picked them both up some new spirit wear from their soon to be school – going to surprise them with it on the last day of school. Do you buy your kids a “last day of school” present?  If so, what do you get them?   I must also confess that having a high school-er and middle school-er is a little depressing…how did they get so big??  I am proud of them…but sad to see time fly so fast.



May 15, 2009. useless information.


  1. staceystories replied:

    I am going to buy presents this year- those cute interchangeable bottle cap necklaces for the girls and a blackhawks hockey dvd for nate. I usually have something fun planned when they come home. Last year I set up the slip-n-slide and got out the cotton candy machine which was a total disaster!

  2. Angie replied:

    I always take my 3 boys out for a special lunch since we usually have a short last day of school. We are SO ready to get out this year. It has been a tough one!

    Sometimes I take them for a shopping trip to buy flip flops, shorts and such. Other times it is a new video game. Since they are boys- you know they are always in need of a new Star Wars figure… :/ or legos!

    I am just so happy they will be home soon! I adore my summers with my kids.
    Happy summer break everyone! Enjoy it- it goes by way too fast!

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