Fit Friday – Gracie’s Gear

Warm weather means less clothing. Less clothing means fewer pockets. Less pockets means you can’t carry everything you need on your run. Gracie’s Gear to the rescue! At Gracie’s Gear and Training, you will find POWER POUCH™ sports bras and tanks that are not only comfortable and cute – they solve the “where do I put my ipod (or keys, or debit card…) problem. In the front of the sports bras, tanks, and hoodies is a “Power Pouch” with 3 internal pockets. You can carry it all! Don’t worry…your sweat won’t ruin your ipod. They have moisturereleasetransfer™ technology, which “sweeps sweat and heat away to keep you cool and dry. They even have a little hole for your ipod cord to run through! Yeah, Gracie is a pretty smart girl. These are perfect for racing, or days when you don’t want to have something strapped onto your waist. I love my Gracie shirt! Isn’t it cute?



May 8, 2009. Review, Running, shopping.

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  1. Kathryn L replied:

    I *LOVE* love love Gracie’s gear. I have a video iPod (my kids know the generation, I just know it has a moving hard drive). Because of the moving hard drive, it cannot bounce, or it’ll pause your music while it “recovers”. This means I can’t wear it on my arm or hip like you can a normal iPod or MP3 player. I found these and problem solved!! I exclusively wear their sports bras UNDER my tanks and put my iPod in the pouch with NO problems. I’ve been wearing their tops for years now, and treat myself to a new one at every expo (and I go to a lot of race expos, LOL!). Their customer service is excellent, the product holds up well (my GG tops have seen a ton of miles and washings!) and are comfortable. I cannot say enough good about this company and this product. I was thrilled to see you feature it today!!

    Another really neat feature of these tops is that your headphone wires “thread” though the pocket and up to your shoulder on certain models. (The camis don’t have this feature; the straps are too narrow.) You can zip your iPod into the pocket and thread the headphone wiring down your shoulder and into the little notch on the pocket, so everything stays secure and your wires aren’t flapping around.

    Sorry to write a thesis for my comment – I’m a very enthusiastic customer 🙂 with no relation to Gracie, LOL!

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