You asked for it…

I have been getting quite a few questions about teacher gifts lately.  Yes, the end of the year is here!  There is no “generic” gift that suits all teachers.  They are all different.  Think about your child’s teacher as a normal person and try to tailor the gift to her or him. Pay attention to details such as – do they drink coffee or Diet Coke?   Group gifts are always nice – especially a gift certificate.  I like to personalize my gifts with a monogram when possible.  Let’s say your child’s teacher likes to drink coffee.  How about a Starbucks gift card in a monogrammed mug?  Is she always drinking water?  I love this monogrammed water bottle.  It even has a compartment to hold snacks or your keys.

teacherDoes he or she pack her lunch?  I love these Built NY lunch bags.  They carry them at Target.  You could even pack a gourmet lunch inside of it.

teacher1How about some really cool desk supplies?  Everyone should have an internet password log book.

teacher2teacher3I love these little clipboards.  Very cute & handy too!

teacher4Whatever you do….please stay away from anything with an apple theme.  Teacher’s get tons of apple items….enough already!

The winner of the Rhino’s are number 7 – Beth and number 9- Michelle.  Congrats…I will contact you for your mailing info!


May 4, 2009. shopping.


  1. Angela replied:

    Have you seen any deals for teachers at stores or places to eat?? I know that Chick Fil A has a freebie for teachers tomorrow but haven’t seen anything else yet??

  2. Beth Wilhelm replied:

    Love my New Rhino-I can’t wait to put it up in my classroom next year-
    Thanks Katy-
    Here is a question- what is an appropriate amount of money to tip your hairdresser-I know that if it is a owner you don’t tip but what about “your girl”! It is so weird when your stylist is ringing you up and and they say do you want me to add the tip,while using the credit card-and then you have to say how much-I want to good cut the next time and not a slip of the scissors-

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