Tried it Tuesday – Cardboard Safari (and giveaway)

These are really cool.  And really fun.  Cardbaord Safari makes cardboard (duh) trophy heads.  They also make other cardboard cutouts….but the trophy heads are my favorite!  I have this fear that one day my husband will come home from one of his hunting adventures with a deer head that he would like to hang over our fireplace.  Hah!  Thanks to Cardboard Safari I beat him to the punch.  How awesome it this?

deerEach cardboard safari kit comes packed flat.  Each piece easily punches out and goes together simple and quick.  I actually had fun putting mine together….although I probably should have waited for my kids to get home from school – they would have loved it!  They offer Christmas trees, wreathes, bison, moose, and more.  I think they would look really cool in a child’s room. They are enviromentaly friendly too.  They use locally purchased  cardboard that is 100% recycled.

I have two Rhino’s to give away.  Go to the Cardboard Safari site and let me know which animal you like best…or better yet, why don’t you suggest a new animal for them to offer?  I’m sure they would love your suggestions. Just leave your suggestions as a comment to this post.   I will use random number generator to pick two entries and announce a winner this Friday – May 1st.  The contest will close at 6pm this Thursday.  Isn’t he cute?



April 28, 2009. give away, Review, shopping.


  1. Annette replied:

    I would suggest a Unicorn, for all our little girls that LOVE unicorns!! should be easy, just put a horn on a horse, right? Hope I win!!

  2. Annette replied:

    I also like the idea of a Horse for a tropy also…But Unicorn is my favorite!!

  3. Mary Jo replied:

    I like the original deerhead, I hate when I go somewhere that has the real thing………great replacement

  4. Amy replied:

    What a great idea! A cheap way to decorate a little boys’ room:)


  5. Amanda replied:

    how about a shark?

  6. karin replied:

    those are cute. My son would love a dinosaur.

  7. Beth Wilhelm replied:

    Pick me! Pick Me!
    I think a giant elephant head would be very cool- A long trunk and two crazy large ears.

  8. Kandy Pruitt replied:

    I think a dog of your favorite breed could be cute for those who love their best friend!

  9. Michelle replied:

    I like the large Rambling Robbie.

  10. Mary Martha replied:

    I would like a big palm tree! or a life size christmas tree! I think that would be so cool.


  11. Karen replied:

    Totally fun and so Animal Planet friendly. My suggestions are: lion or tiger.

    My favs are Bucky, Billy and definitely Fred.

  12. Kristine replied:

    I think an elephant and a giraffe would round out the African safari for me. I prefer the free-standing ones to the trophy heads, but I think they are all a great idea!

  13. Cheryl S replied:

    I like the Rhino but I think Fred the Moose is my favo. I think a full sizw standing rabbit on its hind legs with that curious head turn look… probably because its my newest pet.

  14. Rebecca replied:

    I would like a hot pink one.

  15. Brandi McSpadden replied:

    I love the moose! It is so cute!

  16. Melissa Methvin replied:

    I agree that a unicorn would be a great choice.

  17. Lisa replied:

    I would love to see a horse head. That would be a great accesory to my sons “cowboy” room!!

  18. Annette replied:

    Pick me! How about a squirrel? I think everyone can relate to those darn things, they terrorize our bird feeders all year–I’d love to have one mounted!!

  19. Daffeny Wilhite replied:

    I would love to see a Tiger (we are Auburn Fans!!!!) and my little one loves tigers. They are all nice.

  20. Robin replied:

    I would love to see a lion–I think the mane would stand out so well! 🙂

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