Fit Friday – No excuses!

I like to run with my friend Tonya.  She has two little ones and sometimes it can be hard to fit our runs in during daylight hours.  Once, we set out at dusk and were surprised at how quickly it got very dark!  One stretch of our run has really crappy sidewalks.  Tonya hit a crack in the sidewalk and fell right into the street – it scared me to death (and banged her up too).  There has to be a better way.  There is, and I found it. The  Headlite Lite In Motion Active Wear Cap actually has an LED flashlight built into the  hat.  You get this concentrated beam of light that illuminates the area right in front of your feet.  You can actually see where you are stepping!  The hat looks & feels just like a regular running hat – you can’t even tell that there is anything different about the hat when you are wearing it.  It has moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and comfortable and is water & impact resistant too!  The light is easy to turn on and off…you can do it without taking the hat off.  Not a runner?  Get your favorite hunter one…they even come in camo!  Don’t use the dark to get you out of your run.  There is always a better way!



April 10, 2009. Review, Running, shopping.

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  1. Julie G replied:

    What a great find.

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