New Addiction

I have a new addiction.  The Flip Fold.  It rocks.  Your clothes look like they belong in the Gap.  Awesome!

flipMaybe I need the Wonder Hanger too.  Has anyone tried this?



April 6, 2009. shopping.


  1. Denise replied:

    Do you know if you can pick up locally, like maybe at Bed, Bath & Beyond? Thanks.

  2. katyshops replied:

    Denise…you can find them at those “as seen on Tv”stores. We have on at our mall.

  3. Pat replied:

    AHHHHH!!! I worked at the Gap and Gap Kids in college for several years when the slogan was “Fall into the Gap”
    I have nightmares about the paper board we put into our clothes at that time..they use to be all over the store by the end of the evening.
    I must say though..I can fold like a pro without any type of board and my drawers look awesome!!

  4. Cyndi replied:

    I have the wonder hangers and I love them. I purchased them at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  5. Chris replied:

    I have the wonder hangers and they work well. I picked them up at

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