Something to occupy your time…

My posts might be a little light for the next few days.  My parents are coming into town so that my Mom & I can run the ING Half Marathon together on Sunday!  I’m so excited to run this with her again…we are keeping our fingers crossed for beautiful Atlanta Spring weather.  I found a fun little site called where you can truly become a celebrity, work of art, or sports hero.  You upload your face onto the bodies/hair of famous people.  It is tons of fun!  Yesterday I became Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Key,a troll doll,  and one of the Spice Girls.

I am testing out a few new products during my run…might as well multi-task during the 13.1 miles, right?  Gotta Run….

Here is a little picture of me and an old boyfriend…

Create your own FACEinHOLE


March 26, 2009. entertainment.


  1. Amy replied:

    Good luck! I hope you and Mom have a GREAT race!!!!

  2. Sasha replied:

    Good luck and have fun! Hoping for fab weather for you!

  3. Jane replied:

    Enjoy the race with your Mom. What a gift to be experiencing that time together. Take Care


  4. Sarah replied:

    Love these FaceinHole!! Too cute – but how did you get yours saved? Can’t seem to keep mine. 😦

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