I’m a Music Mom

I am part of an online blog review team called Music Moms.  I get a chance to listen to new CDs and new artists and share my thoughts with you.  I was really excited when I received The Birth of Corneille last week.  Corneille is originally from Rwanda and has big success in Canada, France, and Japan.  This CD is his English-language debut.  I was really moved by his story – his parents and most of his family members were killed in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994.  Luckily, he escaped to Germany where he was taken in by some family friends.  He grew up using music as a way to forget about the world around him.  He called music his shield.  Corneille was influenced by many different artists – Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder among others.  Despite his difficult upbringing his music really highlights his amazing attitude.  He sings about love, the heart, triumph, and his life experiences.  He has been called a cross between John Legend, Tracy Chapman and Marvin Gaye – how can you go wrong with that mixture?!

So what did I think after listening to the CD?  It was beautiful.  Mellow, soothing, and each song tells a story.  Corneille goes perfectly with a glass of Pinot.  What music do you pair with a nice glass of wine?  I would love to be introduced to your favorites.


March 23, 2009. Review.

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