Fit Friday – 10 days to go…gotta prepare…

Really?  Yep, only 10 more days until my mom and I run our 3rd Half Marathon together.  The Georgia ING is a beautiful course that takes you in and out of Atlanta’s quaint (and sometimes funky)  neighborhoods – the perfect course.  Unless it is freezing cold and damp like last year.  It was so cold!  In fact, I think the temperature actually dropped while we were out running.  And lets not forget the drizzly icky rain.  I’m  keeping my fingers crossed for better weather, but just in case I am going to be prepared.

I found this great company called illumiNITE that makes active wear that is not only functional but it is reflective too.  I love their stuff because it looks perfectly normal during the day and then BAM….it is totally reflective at night.  Come on, who wants to walk around in a neon orange vest during the daylight hours because they are going to be out past dark?  I love their Distance Cap because the fabric is really soft and very breathable.  It has this subtle pattern that really pops out when lights hit it at night.  The cool part is that the hat comes in an orangy hue…and the ING race colors are orange & navy.

glowIn the same orangy  hue and cool subtle pattered fabric they make a matching highly water resistant rain jacket.  The silhouette jacket is not only great looking it also has some awesome features.  Hidden front pockets, sewn in thermal cuff, and a hidden rear pocket.  It has great curves to it that also makes your waist look really teeny.  I like the fact that it doesn’t have a hood on it.  Just a nice light jacket (with tons of hidden bells and whistles).  It is the most comfortable shell jacket that I have ever had…you kinda forget you have it on (and then you remember because you are dry).  Both the hat and the jacket make running at night much safer!  So thanks to IllumiNITE I will be warm, dry, reflective,  and orange.



March 20, 2009. Review, Running, shopping.

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  1. Maria replied:

    Good luck to you and your mom on your half!

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